Project Name: Planning Community Health Care Coordination for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System in Savannah, Georgia

Project Overview: The Georgia Primary Care Association (GPCA) is a 34-member organization supporting 207 community health centers covering 111 counties in the State of Georgia and serving over 400,000 patients. Together with Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care (CVC), its oldest member agency servicing Georgia’s second-largest population center in Savannah, Chatham County, GPCA will build upon an existing collaboration with the Chatham County Juvenile Court to coordinate referrals for vulnerable youth to CVC.

GPCA is presently funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop basic collaborative efforts between CVC and the Court that address the referral of juveniles for family planning needs only. GPCA intends to build upon the CDC effort, expanding beyond family planning to comprehensive primary care, targeting underutilization of primary care services by youth involved with the juvenile justice system to be launched next year. If successful, GPCA foresees that by 2019, JC Lewis Community Health Center, the only remaining community health center in Savannah, will join as a project partner.

Planning project objectives are to:

  • Enhance collaboration among the community partners (the Court and CVC) through trainings, enhance systems of referral/tracking and focus on quality of care through Improvement Teams;
  • Increase staff capacity at the Court through trainings, reciprocal site visits, use of training materials for staff and clients and their families; and
  • Increase the number of vulnerable youth referred by the Court (from 800 by 10%).

The planning grant phase is intended to set the stage for the full-scale intervention, which is intent to achieve increased referrals and enrollment of youth in a medical home with screening and primary care treatment; including behavioral health and oral health. This will provide community connections and improve health and social outcomes for underserved adolescents.

Project Partners: Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care, Chatham County Juvenile Court.

About the Grantee

The Georgia Primary Care Association (GPCA) is a member service organization representing community health centers in Georgia through the provision of training, technical assistance and the development and implementation of strategies to expand and strengthen the CHC system. Additionally, GPCA is involved in the development and implementation of additional programs and services that will enhance the CHC health care delivery system. For more information, visit: